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We Produce Premium Candle Dye For Candle Makers

16 striking and vibrant colors 

Popular Colours

16 colors doesn’t mean you can only make 16 different colored candles! It means you can create millions of different colors. Combining black with any other color gives it a deeper shade. Combining white will lighten the shade and… well… mixing all the other colors gives you the freedom to create just about anything!!


Bright Blue

Bright Orange

Deep Cherry

Dark Green

Lemon Yellow




Lime Green


Silver Grey

Super Red


Royal Blue


Candle Supplies Collection

We also stock other candle making supplies. Here’s a little taste of what we have.


The Official Candle Maker’s App

A long time in the making! Loadscience started out as a small sideline project but has grown from strength-to-strength and is now the goto app for candle makers. From calculating simple quatities and costs to complex, multi-layered batch creation. This is an absolute must have for candle makers.

New Arrivals

We have just introduced large 2.2oz packs of each color so now you can buy the colors you like and not waste a single flake.

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App Subscription

Our little app is gaining traction in the candle making world. Exciting content will become available in the guides section in the coming months.


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